little bio for 2022

Morgan Sea is a professional artist born in the Canadian prairies. She makes comics, performance art and various crafty things. Her work is often focused on mental health, trans feminism, super heroics, mythology and the oppressive forces of capitalism. 

She has an MFA from OCAD University and a BFA from Concordia. She is currently hunkered down in a small Toronto apartment riding out the Covid 19 pandemic with her loving partner Tali and 2 cats. For info about her zines, radio work and other content check out her website

150 word Optimistic Artist Statement for Morgan Sea in Grad School

Morgan Sea PosiMorgan Sea is a cartoonist from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  After a decade of decayed and delayed adolescence in Montreal, she came to OCADu to pursue her masters and defeat them with sharp pencils and sharp wits. When capitalism inevitably falls, she hopes to continue making comics about transsexual monster dykes learning to love themselves and follow their passions. Our post-capitalist world will be a radical and positive change for people, animals and the environment, but it will feel remarkably the same to Sea as she continues to create art and diy radio, organize queer community events (book launches, wrestling shows, picnics, cabarets, and comic jams) and adlib karaoke for the amusement of her friends. So here’s to the future, where the health and wellness provided by luxury space communism means Morgan Sea  will live well into her hundreds, and even better than she could have ever imagined.  

Artist Statement circa 2015

morgan sea interviewerMorgan Sea is a transsexual artist, living and loving in Montreal. Her performance, video, and storytelling practice often blends fantasy and queer theory to create trans feminist mythologies. Sea graduated from Inter-Media Cyber Arts at Concordia University, after studying media art at Alberta College of Art + Design, and ‘pataphysics in her bedroom. Alongside her artistic practice, Sea produces a monthly radio program, Tranzister Radio, that celebrates trans cultural production. By using any accessible technology and a hearty ‘do it yourself’ work ethic, Sea hopes to encourage a more tangible and flexible culture for trans*people everywhere.

Contact : OrganSea AT Gmail DOT com