Abominatrix is a 16 page comic made for We’re Still Here, an all trans comics anthology edited by Tara Avery and Jeanne Thornton for Stacked Deck Press. It’s a comic about a trans lady dealing with mixed feelings after using gamma radiation to turn herself into a ‘hulking green monster’. It’s a rad and funny critique, covered legally by parody law.

The full anthology is over 300 pages of comics and will be available in spring 2018.

Cat Moms in Love

catmomsstandCat Moms in Love is a daily comic zine i wrote during the first month of living with my girlfriend and our 3 cats. The daily strips are sometimes straight-(er…gay)-forward narratives about our domestic living, and sometimes illustrations based of some abstracted elements of our life. It also has a lot of comics about being trans, but also strangely a lot of comics about shelves. Anyway, it’s colourful and fun and everyone loves Cat Moms in Love!


Cat Moms in Love
24 colour pages + cardstock cover

Morgan Sea © January 2016
$10 + 1.50 Shipping
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Citizen Overwhelmed

Citizen Justice is a super hero that has been living in my brain since childhood. In the latest comic: Citizen Justice deals with a most serious adversary, Hopelessness!

Written and Illustrated in October 2010, while working at the Royal Art and Trade Studio in Montreal. The comic was first printed on a long format, 7 by 4.5 inches in dynamic Black and Grey! In 2015. the comic was reformated to 5 by 2.75 inches with a cover that resembles those awful Chick Tracts. Fun!

Read Citizen Justice : Super Anxiety Issue online!


Preview Images:

citizenjusticebackfront.jpg2015 Reprint

Citizzen Justice CoverOriginal Cover (which now appears inside):

page1Page 1

page14Page 13