Lab Note – In February of 2007 I, Morgan SeFeminist Pataphysics by Mireille Perrona, accidently attended the opening of the Laboratory of Feminist Pataphysics when i was accidentally indoctrinated and irradiated by the all encompassing nature of ‘pataphysics and gifted with a lovely decorative merit badge. Since then, whenever I where the badge, I started to get the strangest inquiries from total strangers such as “What the hell is Pataphysics?” “Do you hate men?” “What?” “Can you explain it again?” And in an effort to answer these questions and more (and less) I began my own practice as a ‘pataphysician. In my research i’ve found a surprising amount of applicable skills from the science of exceptions as it relates the most exceptional people around – the transgender, transsexual and or trans* community. My findings have been published in small scientific pamphlets (below), and a larger paper is in the process of pier review and should be released as soon as they can fish it out of the water and dry it off.

Propaganda: In 2015 I started distributing the following flyers via carrier pigeon, canada post and in the blowholes of beluga whales.


Potential Work Shop / Lecture:

In this workshop Morgan Sea will discuss the powerful roles metaphors and allegories play in contemporary life. As a transsexual, Sea had often struggled to find the right words to explain her situation. After studying new media art and “Pataphysics,” that is no longer a problem! She is ready to explain the power of metaphor manipulation with you!

“Pataphysics” is a satirical concept developed as a parody of metaphysics and in relation to metaphor. Sea deploys the concept to describe when metaphors become real. In this workshop, participants will explore a set of tools the Sea has picked up in her practice as a web-zine writer, video maker and performance artist. With these tools participants will build pataphorical vessels to further their communication skills in exciting and creative ways. Navigating the web via popular social media platforms (Twitter, Tumblr) they will voyage through a world of pop-culture and open-source mythology to pirate the right messages to suit their needs. The workshop will feature both a structured discussion and hands-on engagement with online content production, looking at emerging forms such as fanfiction, image appropriation, and re/mixing of online visual culture.

For more information : Please consider booking a lecture with Dr. Morgan Sea ‘PhD at – OrgansEa(AT)GmAiL(dot)Com

Random Images Randomized. Morgan Sea, 2012-2016.


01 Morgan SeaGiant-Size Gender Issues is some kind of historical feminist memoir about comics and being a closeted queer kid in 1990’s small town canadiana. It starts by exploring my earliest trans memory (when Super Girl came to me through a tv set and made me her kid sister sidekick) and patriarchal relationships (between Christopher Reeves and the Super Girl movie and my Dad and Me).

The memoir is a work in progress and is currently performed as a lecture featuring animated GIFs crafted from my family’s photo archive and pop culture images. It has been performed for Studio 303’s Edgy Redux 2014, and Metonymy Press’s Queeroes Event.


Super Powers!


Super Powers! is a performative slide show focusing on the intersections of my 2 life long obsessions; Womanhood – having people recognize and accept my actual gender, and Super-Powers – I want them so bad, but which one? There are so many great ones. Ultimately the piece focuses on the choice between Shapeshifting and Telepathy. One would help me present a fluid gender identity based on my evolving needs, and the other would give me a tremendous advantage in communicating and combating transphobia, but at what cost?

Super Powers! is a funny, dark and honest look at subjects both frivolous and serious. The script was first written as a spoken word piece to be performed on Tranzister Radio. It was later adapted into a slide show and performed at Cafe Concrét #12, The School of Making Thinking and Trans Women’s Arts Toronto.

A selection of animated slides, highlighting potential amazing super powers.

More Slides on the theme of Queer Bodies!

Jack Radish for Pretty Queer wrote: Montreal based artist, Morgan Sea‘s performance, “Super Powers! a slideshow performance” was hilarious and dead-on.  It was stand up comedy meets adorable unicorn-mermaid-angel self-portrait gifs.  Sea reveals some of her dreams and experiences as a geeky trans woman through an in-depth discussion of what power she would choose if she could choose one super power.  The hilarity that I’m sure every audience member found themselves relating to in some way came not simply from her choice of super powers (shape shifting was clearly the favourite super power for more than the boring and obvious reasons related to living in a trans body) but in her thorough explanations of all the almost-too-well-thought-out applications for these powers—Sea is clearly someone who has put a lot of thought into the logistics of living with these powers and who could blame her?  Sea’s performance was a refreshing bit of comedy that brought forward the geeky side of each of us fortunate to be in the audience.