Portfolio for Eastern Bloc Residency

Lumenati : Polar Bear Experimental Projection with Michael Coolidge and Jennifer Crighton – Calgary Alberta  2006 – 1 minute documentation

I’ve been exploring performance and projection for many years. Experiments like this one would eventually lead me to create the Lonesome Bear performance below.

Lonesome Bear Part One – Performance with Projection – 2010 – 5 min selection

The first part of the video is documentation from “Fists and Fables” at the Sala Rosa (Montreal). The second part is documents the performance in the IMCA studio at Concordia University.


04 Morgan Sea05 Morgan Sea

Sunk & Bears sack the Glamazons – Lonesome Bear Photographic Novel – Photo Collage 2010

Two photo collages exploring the Lonesome Bear in different mediums.

Since leaving Concordia, I’ve scaled back my performances with projection to more lowkey slideshow narratives with animated gifs.

Super Powers! : the slide show

Super Powers Performance Slide Show – 2012 – Café Concret @ Casa Del Popolo – Photo Credit : Allison Moore 

01 Morgan Sea

 Giant-Size Gender Issues – 2014 – Edgy Colloque @ Studio 303 – Photo Credit : Valérie Sangin

These slide shows both use comic and superhero narratives to explore trans feminism.

In preparation for a Lonesome Bear revival I reperformed Lonesome Bear part 1 at a recent ASTTeQ event.

03 Morgan Sea02 Morgan Sea

 Lonesome Bear Part One – 2014- ASTTeQ Performance du Printemps @ Cafe Artiere – Photo Credit : Raphaele Frigon