Shelf-Referential by Morgan Sea 2012
Mixed Medias, Hormones and Zine

This work peice was created for Change, the member’s show at Galerie Articule in Montreal. The theme of change seemed like a perfect topic for an artist in transition.

I decided to display the cabinet where I keep my HRT medication, and making it more like a transition shrine. Wonder Woman stands on top as my trans patron saint. Two photos of me 3 months and 6 month on HRT show my hair growth and breast development. The 2 drawers hold a navy hanky on the left and a zine on the right.

The zine has two covers, one being the MSgendered zine featuring various tales of trans angst; and the reverse side is MSadventures in Lady Land, a zine highlighting some lovely moments in transition. The middle has a cute pin-up. More information about the zine is available here.

Finally! there are magic paisleys bursting out of the top of this whole thing. The small one caries the colors on pansexuality, while the larger one is colored as Asexual. There is also a little trans flag in a triangle up there too.