The Citizen Justice Vlogs

It was 2009 and I had been actively doing performance art as Citizen Justice.
The following videos were produced during a brief collaboration with youtube’s political sensation Davis Fleetwood (aka Dennis Trainor Jr.) who invited me to contribute Citizen Justice videos to his popular channel on a biweekly basis. This change in the channels programming was met with some resistance from the longtime subscribers. Eventually (like 3 episodes in,) I couldn’t keep up with my school work and the content schedule and Fleetwood decided to return to his regular format.

Citizen Justice : Just the F.A.Q.s

Uncanny X-Mas Special
Citizen Justice loves Christmas… but… after much consideration has found the foundation of Christmas problematic.
Watch as Justice attempts to have an X-mas celebration with out the capitalism and religious traditions.

New Years Resolutions
Despite making the resolution to make more videos as Citizen Justice… this is the last video I made for Operation Itch. But that’s not the end of the story.

3 years Later! I get a phone call from Dennis.. saying Google had contacted him about using a clip from the final new years resolution vlog in an ad. Long story short… I got some cash and here’s the silly ad.

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