Zine Fair Lady


A twine game by Morgan Sea – Click Here to Play Online!


The Year is 201x!
You are a trans woman navigating Queer Space 9: the zine Scene
in a game of small publication and microaggressions!

This game was made during the Pixelles 3 Game Incubator 2015.
Thanks Pixelles for supporting women making video games.

Special Thanks To: Tali Cherniawsky, Raphaele Frigon & Isz Ellis for the love,
support and technical advice while making this game!

Shout out to my friends who make zines & art & things that inspire me: James Gem, Sophie Labelle, Jasia Stuart, Amber Dearest, Rose Evans, Merrissa Taylor-Meissner, Vincent Wilde, Anna Anthropy, Sybil Lamb, Janis Maudlin, Annie Mok and so many more.

Reviews of Zine Fair Lady: