Family Drawings

Family is an 8 page mini-zine made from a selection of sketchbook drawings. The drawings are based on photos of my bio-family, mostly taken in the 80’s. It was nice to meditate on these photo’s for a period of a couple hours each; looking at artifacts in the background, imagining the context of the photos, who took them.

Back and Front cover : My Mom at a restaurant, the only photo not from the 80s. The back cover is a scan of the markers bleeding through the page creating an interesting image.

My Mom at Disney land, posing with Dopey. (1981) Mom looks a bit like Peggy Hill in this drawing.

My brother Nathan and I on my 2nd birthday. (1986) The yellow goose cookie jar would later have its neck broken, and glued back together, surviving to this day with a neck brace knit for her by a family friend.

My brothers Nathan and Justin colouring on Christmas morning. (c. 1985) My brother Nathan made the white macaroni snowman ornament in kindergarten that hangs on the tree to the right of Justin’s head, so I date this at least 1985. They both have these funny surprised looks on their faces as I’m sure they weren’t expecting our Dad to be taking their photo at that moment.

My Dad looking like a cute hipster. (c. 1983 -86) The full photo features my Mom and Justin at the dinner table. My Dad seems amused, I think because Nathan must be taking the photo; based on the height of the photographer in comparison to the chair and because the rest of my family is in the photo (except me.)

Nathan, Cory (cousin), Cecile (Auntie) and Michelle (cousin) (1984, dated on the back of the photo) These 2 pages show the process of my drawing, the size relationship between my sketch book and an old photo, the folded up piece of paper i stick between the pages to protect the next page from bleed through… and this double page spread is frankly sort of filler. 😉