msgenderedfull16 pages, published in 2012, msGENDERED 
is an brief intro to my intro to hormone replacement therapy and awkward anecdotes about social gender transition. It’s a split zine, with one half dedicated to stories of anger and degradation. The flip side is dedicated to the “upside of self obsession,”  like the positive benefits of “transgendering” and boobs.

MSadventures in Lady Land: A zine by Morgan Sea

In the center page features a double page pin up, some kinda sexy stats on trans artist Morgan Sea.
Double Page Spread

Its full color and expensive to print so I don’t make copies of it any more. But also because it’s also sort of an embarrassing zine full of personal oversharing and dated opinions on trans stuff directed at cis people. Some of the art is real cute though, and the John Buscema ripoff She-Hulk cover is  still one of my fave images.

MSgendered : A Zine by Morgan Sea

I  made the zine to present at Gallerie Articule’s 2015 Member’s show, with the theme of change. It was set up in a spice rack I was using to store my hrt meds, and turned into a sorta transition shrine or something.

Shelf-ReferentialShelf-Referential by Morgan Sea 2012
Mixed Medias, Hormones and Zines

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